“WHATEVER happens tomorrow, one thing is certain; it must not be allowed to look after itself.” 
                               - Brian Epstein 


Brian loved the people, or he wouldn't have done what he did. And what he did was to create a whole new art form from pop music. He was more than a friend and mentor to The Beatles, he took their unique charm and messages of joy, hope and love and connected the whole world to them. His skills in management, marketing and public relations were joyously creative and still innovative and relevant today. He was so excited by his dream of presenting his stable of acts to an international audience that he forgot to be intimidated by any kind of prejudice; class; religion; gender and sexuality, though the world at the time sometimes offered him harsh resistance. It is time to elevate this creator to stand alongside his creations, let those who were too young know of his achievements and let those who remember him see his beautiful face about town again. Brain Samuel Epstein, the humble genius who died much too young. The people will always love you back.


The idea for the iconic Liverpool Waterfront Beatles statues came from Chris Butler, managing director Castle Fine Art Foundry based in the city."I had this strange sort of feeling, the first time I walked through Liverpool ONE when it opened back in 2008. It was so big it felt almost like it had been dropped into the centre of the city. For years we’d seen the cranes and we’d seen the models but, all of a sudden, bang, Liverpool ONE was there. At first I felt like I could be anywhere. Then I walked up those steps by HMV and there was this huge photograph of The Beatles walking down the streets. That picture said “You’re in Liverpool”. I thought that would be a fantastic concept for a Beatles statue. We had such a great time creating what has become an international landmark but we all knew that we had to add Brian Epstein. He was more than the fifth Beatle. He stands alongside them in importance, absolutely no doubt about it. The whole team who created the Beatles statues are committed to this initiative"


Beatles Liverpool and More are proud to be part of a small committee who are working here in Liverpool to erect a statue for the Beatles manager Brian Epstein.

Brian Epstein for many fans was a visionary, he had a vision for four lads from Liverpool as well as many other musicians at the time; Cilla, Gerry and the Pacemakers, Fourmost, Bill J Kramer and the Dakotas and many more. Around the city of Liverpool and the world there are accolades to these musicians but there has never been an official plaque for Brian in the City of Liverpool.  We recognised that there should be something out of respect. Brian's image was key, and that is the image he sold to the world for The Beatles. The Beatles' early success has been attributed to Epstein's management style, business and organisation skills and the band trusted him without hesitation.


Marie Darwn is the spiritual Mother of this statue project. In January 2017 at the unveiling of the Cilla Black statue, she asked sculptor Andy Edwards and Castle Fine Arts Foundry, both based in Liverpool to support her dream of a statue for Brian and formed The Brian Epstein Statue Project Group. Beatles fan and qualified tour guide, Marie organised the first memorial to Brian Epstein in Liverpool, the plaque that now adorns Brian's former home, 4 Rodney Street. She successfully earned the support of Liverpool John Moores University in this and Liverpool City Council to gain planning permission for the memorial.


Marie says, "While I was the organiser of the plaque, I couldn't have done it alone" as individuals we all played a part, from raising funds, marketing to supporting Marie. Matthew & Elaine Price owners of Cuthberts Bakehouse, 103 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool, stayed open late to allow the book group to have their meetings there, and on 22nd February 2015 opened their doors to over 50+ guest to continue with the celebrations after the unveiling ceremony and provided an amazing buffet which included the cities traditional scouse stew.  The plaque was designed and made by Fred O'Brian, for all fans, tourists and the people of Liverpool to see.

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